• 02.
    Placing in operation of Russian high capacity crude vacuum distillation unit ELOU-AVT-12 at Tuapse refinery.
  • 03.
    Project on manufacture and delivery of equipment for two VVER-1200 reactor plant units for Novovoronezh NPP-2 (Rosatom State Corporation).
  • 04.
    Hydrotreating Reactors are installed in the design position at Angarsk petrochemical company site.


Izhorskiye Zavody is one of the oldest industrial entities in Russia founded in 1722 by the Decree of Peter the Great. Over the years of their activities the plant workers have entered a lot of examples of worthy service of the country to the Russian history: foundation and development of the Russian fleet, construction of Saint Petersburg, defence of Leningrad, production of the first pressurized water nuclear reactor.
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