Engineering Capabilities

Safe operation of equipment is ensured not only due to fulfillment of requirements for development of design and engineering solutions and its manufacture, but also to execution of requirements stipulated for erection and repair. Reliability of equipment and safety of nuclear and petrochemical objects in operation significantly depend on quality of erection and repair work.

Izhorskiye Zavody boast all capabilities to optimize erection technologies under the stage of manufacture and equipment check assembly ensuring high efficiency and profitability of erection work, enhancement of quality thereof, reduction of cost and construction duration.

High qualification of erectors, welders and engineering staff, operational experience with power and industrial objects of Russian and foreign countries, variety of erection equipment and tools, advanced erection and welding technologies validated by licenses of the Federal service for ecological, technological and nuclear supervision ensure fulfillment of the complete range of erection work, including commissioning, thermal insulation and corrosion protection of equipment, pipelines and building structures of domestic and foreign facilities.