Engineering Capabilities

The pressure vessels are manufactured of carbon steel, silicon-manganese steel, low-alloyed chrome-molybdenum steel, chrome-molybdenum- vanadium steel, and corrosion-resistant high-alloyed steel grades. There is also experience of making pressure vessels of two-layer plates. High-quality steels of various grades are used for this equipment manufacturing in accordance with Russian standards (GOSTs) as well as international standards, namely STM, ASME, JIS, EN, NFA, BS, DIN, SEW etc.

Requirements to pressure vessels are very strict and among other things they include material purity regarding harmful contaminants, soundness (absence of unacceptable defects), mechanical properties, full-strength welded joints equal to base material. These requirements are satisfied not only based on short-term tests but also throughout the service life of the equipment.

The advanced research and engineering level and high reliability allows flexible adaptation of the petrochemical equipment to the customer requirements and long-term competitiveness of the same both on the Russian and international markets. The quality assurance system covers all phases of the production cycle and guarantees that all products are developed and manufactured exactly to the project specifications.