Products and Services

The expertise in manufacturing the high-quality products for nuclear power stations provides Izhorskiye Zavody with a leading edge advantage on the market of petrochemical equipment enabling it to cope with the project of any level of complexity with excellent quality of performance.

Izhorskiye Zavody are specialists in engineering and production of gas and oil processing and storage equipment like reactors, columns, heat exchanges, large vessels measuring up to 5.5 m in diameter, up to 80 m in length and up to 1450 t in weight.

In recent years we have designed and produced more than 150 vessels including the units with unique weight and size parameters. The scope of equipment produced by Izhorskiye Zavody for petrochemical, chemical and gas processing applications include:

  • reactors: hydrocracking, reforming, hydraulic cleaning, hydrogenation, etc.
  • column-type equipment: separation columns, separators, adsorbers, desorbers, receivers, scrubbers,
  • traps, filters
  • heat exchangers
  • vessels: gas-holders, tanks for liquid hydrocarbons
  • autoclaves


Delivery to worksite

by rail

by waterway

external diameter, mm



wall thickness, mm, up to



length, mm, up to



design pressure

not limited

not limited

design temperature, 0

from - 70 to +600

from - 70 t + 600

weight, t, up to