Products and Services

Metallurgical facilities of OMZ-Special Steels include steelmaking and forging.

  • Steelmaking is carried out in DSP-120 electric arc furnace 120 tons in capacity.
  • Steelmaking facility is fitted with ladle vacuum treatment and refining plants (including ASEA-SKF) with ladles 70 and 150 tons in capacity.
  • Steelmaking facility accommodates electroslag and vacuum arc remelting furnaces ensuring production of ingots from 14 to 63 tons in weight (ESF) and from 13 to 41.1 tons (VAF) to produce items of top quality.
  • Large-sized forgings up to 230 t in weight and up to 5.5 m in diameter are manufactured at the largest Russian computer-aided forging plant (AKK-12000) of 12000 tf in force.
  • Heat-treatment machinery enables production of metal structure ensuring high product performance.