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10.17.2012 Izhorskie Zavody delivers reactor vessel for Leningradskaya NPP-2
Izhorskyie Zavody, part of OMZ Group, has delivered the first VVER-1200 reactor vessel for Leningradskaya NPP-2.

10.03.2012 OMZ-Izhoras Research Center simulates casting of a 500-ton supersized ingot
OMZ Izhoras Research Center held its Science and Engineering Board meeting dedicated to the results of the research work named Calculations of crystallization of 500-ton ingots, casted from two types of steel: 26HNZM2FA and 45HZMF using computer modeling
09.11.2012 OMZ-Izhora research center confirmed the right to produce equipment for nuclear plants

OMZ-Izhora research center, part of OMZ Group, has successfully passed the document expertise procedure, and received permission to produce equipment for nuclear plants.

09.10.2012 Hydrocracking reactors made by Izhorskiye Zavody successfully delivered in Tuapse
Hydrocracking reactors made by Izhorskiye Zavody successfully delivered in Tuapse
09.10.2012 OMZ Special Steels produced punching blanks of the record size
Experts of OMZ Special Steels, part of OMZ Group, mastered the technology of half-end’s stamping for large petrochemical vessels.

08.23.2012 Steelmakers of OMZ-Special Steels cast using siphon method the largest forging ingot weighing 124.2 tons
Casting of steel with siphon method is to improve the quality and cost of the metal ingot by the form of a siphon ingot.
08.17.2012 OMZ Special Steels launches the upgraded AKK-12000 forging plant
OMZ Special Steels completed full repair of its 12,000 ton-force automated forging plant.
08.13.2012 Izhorskiye zavody deliver unique equipment for Tuapse refinery
Izhorskiye Zavody has delivered three hydrocracking reactors, one of them is unique in dimensions and weights, to Tuapse refinery (enters Rosneft).
08.07.2012 OMZ Special Steels receives Germanischer Lloyd certificate
OMZ Special Steels has successfully passed certification of forging for shipbuilding and machine building, organized by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) classification society.

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