OMZ-Special Steels to supply blanks for mass-produced LK-60 ice breakers


OMZ-Special Steels to supply blanks for mass-produced LK-60 ice breakers

OMZ-Special Steels, part of OMZ group, signed a contract with Baltiysky Zavod for delivery of blanks for the second and third project 22220 (LK-60) ice breakers.

OMZ-Special Steels will produce milled blanks for LK-60 ice breakers from chrome-nickel-molybdenum-vanadium high-alloy steel with a total weight of nearly 800 tons per each ship.

Earlier OMZ-Special Steels produced and delivered blanks for the first LK-60 ice breaker under a contract signed with Baltiysky Zavod in June 2014. The largest of these blanks are two propeller shafts weighing 68.17 tons, over 905mm in diameter and over 16 meters long each.

LK-60 is the first among powerful icebreakers of next generation produced by Baltiysky Zavod. The project was developed by Iceberg Central Design Bureau in 2009. Construction of 60 MW project 22220 nuclear icebreaker was ordered by Atomflot and commenced at Baltiysky Zavod in November 2013. Dual-draft construction of the hull allows the vessel to be effectively used both in arctic waters and mouths of polar rivers. The icebreaker is planned to be used in Western Arctic, including Barents, Pechora and Kara seas, shallow waters in Yenisei River entry and Gulf of Ob.

OMZ-Special Steels, a company based on metallurgical production of Izhorskiye Zavody, is the largest Russian manufacturer of metal blanks made from special steels. OMZ-Special Steels has many years of experience in manufacturing high-quality products for shipbuilding industry.

OMZ Group is one of the leading heavy industry companies specializing in engineering, production, sales and service support of equipment for nuclear, oil and gas, mining industries, as well as special steel production and industrial services. OMZ Group’s facilities are located in Russia and Czech Republic. The Group is controlled by Gazprombank

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