Izhorskiye Zavody completes assembly of internal reactor components at Kuibyshev Refinery


Izhorskiye Zavody completes assembly of internal reactor components at Kuibyshev Refinery

Izhorskiye Zavody, part of OMZ Group, completed assembly of internal components of first and second stage reactors of vacuum gasoil hydrofining unit at Kuibyshev Refinery, part of Rosneft Group. Assembly of internal components was the last phase of the works under this contract: all obligations taken by Izhorskiye Zavody have been fulfilled.

The French company Axens provided technical support for assembly works, acting both as the license grantor for the unit and the manufacturer of the reactor internal components.

Rosneft implements a large-scale investment program for modernization of its refineries aiming at increasing the volume of raw materials processed, improving refinery yield, raising environmental and industrial safety of the refineries as well as ensuring full transition to production of fuels complying with Euro-5 standard. As a part of that program, over the last few years Izhorskiye Zavody produced and delivered reactor equipment for several Rosneft refineries. In particular, in 2013 the company delivered equipment to Novokuibyshevsk, Kuibyshev and Syzran refineries.

Apart from the contracts for production of the reactors, Izhorskiye Zavody has also signed contracts for installation and assembly of internal components. These works are carried out by experts of Izhorskiye Zavody service center as a part of a program for increasing production capabilities and extending range of services for oil processing companies.

“As the developer and manufacturer of the equipment, we know all aspects of its work like no other”, said Alexander Lozovitzky, Director of Izhorskiye Zavody service center. “That is why Izhorskiye Zavody provides high cost-efficiency, quality and reasonable time frame of assembly works and offers various auxiliary services within its competence while implementing complex equipment delivery projects”.

OMZ Group is one of the leading heavy industry companies specializing in engineering, production, sales and service support of equipment for nuclear, oil and gas, mining industries, as well as special steel production and industrial services. OMZ Group’s facilities are located in Russia and Czech Republic. The Group is controlled by Gazprombank.

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