Izhorskiye Zavody starts delivery of VVER-1000 reactor vessel to Tianwan NPP


Izhorskiye Zavody starts delivery of VVER-1000 reactor vessel to Tianwan NPP

Izhorskiye Zavody, part of OMZ group, starts delivery of the first VVER-1000 reactor vessel for the second phase of construction Tianwan NPP, China.

The vessel will soon be shipped from Izhorskiye Zavody wharf in Ust'-Slavyanka to the Sea port of Saint-Petersburg. Delivery of a reactor vessel of this size is a unique operation. Special transport vehicle carrying the vessel will cross Oktyabrskaya Railway twice along the delivery route between Izhorskiye Zavody and the wharf. Therefore all activities on these railroad sections (on the railways to Moscow and Murmansk) will be completely stopped for several hours. Additionally, special devices will be used to pull up the power lines to allow the large-size cargo pass safely. After the vessel is delivered to the wharf, it will be loaded on a barge and then shipped to the Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg, from where it will be delivered by sea to the customer in China.

According to the contract signed in 2010 Izhorskiye Zavody produces primary coolant equipment with VVER-1000 reactor unit for third and fourth power units of the Tianwan NPP. Earlier, in spring of 2014 Izhorskiye Zavody completed production and delivery of a set of four steam generator vessels for the third power unit of Tianwan NPP, China.

Izhorskiye Zavody also produced and delivered primary coolant equipment for the first and second power units of the Tianwan NPP. The units were put into operation in 2007. An improved Russian project was used for construction of the NPP. The majority of experts recognise the plant as one of the safest nuclear power plants in the world. High quality of produced equipment guaranteed further cooperation between Izhorskiye Zavody and its Chinese partners.

OMZ Group is one of the leading heavy industry companies specializing in engineering, production, sales and service support of equipment for nuclear, oil and gas, mining industries, as well as special steel production and industrial services. OMZ Group’s facilities are located in Russia and Czech Republic. The Group is controlled by Gazprombank.

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