Izhorskiye Zavody installs petrochemical reactor internals at Syzran Refinery


Izhorskiye Zavody installs petrochemical reactor internals at Syzran Refinery

Izhorskiye Zavody, part of OMZ Group, successfully completed installation of internal components of first and second stage hydrofining reactors of vacuum gas oil unit at Syzran Refinery (part of Rosneft).

Hydrofining reactors were produced under a contract signed by Izhorskiye Zavody in 2012 and were delivered to the customers site in autumn 2013.

The contract included production of two heavy petrochemical reactors, delivery to the customers site, as well as additional services, such as installation of internal components directly at the refinery construction site.

Experts from Izhorkiye Zavody service centre provided general management, designer supervision, technical support and coordination of the process. The installation of reactor internals was the last item of the agreement Izhorskiye Zavody has fully completed its contract obligations.

Providing additional services to customers is one of competitive advantages of Izhorskiye Zavody. High quality of work performed by the producer is an additional guarantee of equipment reliability and security during its operation.
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