IzhoraRemService puts into operation rotor dynamic balancing machine


IzhoraRemService puts into operation rotor dynamic balancing machine

A rotor dynamic machine was manufactured and put into operation in the mechanical repair department of IzhoraRemService, part of OMZ Group.

The machine performs dynamic control over values and angular position of misbalanced rotors weighing from 10 kg to 3,000 kg and up to 3 meters long.  

The machine guarantees balancing of console rotors, rotors supported on own bearings, rotors with narrow bearing journals, motor armatures and turbines of different purposes. Wide range of additional tools and special pulleys allows balancing specific rotors and rotors of complex configuration.

The machine is easy to adjust for various types of products to be balanced. Controlling results are digitally and graphically displayed on the screen.

Maxim Rogov, IzhoraRemService Technical Director, General Designer, said: Put into operation of rotor dynamic balancing machine leads to increase the interrepair cycle of electric motors from 10,000 hours to 12,500 in-service hours. According to the preliminary evaluation this will allow our major customers to cut costs to 25% on motor repair works

IzhoraRemService was established in 2003 on the base of repair facilities of Izhorskiye Zavody. The enterprise focuses on repair works and equipment service for the OMZ Group subsidiaries.

OMZ Group is one of the leading heavy industry companies specializing in engineering, production, sales and service support of equipment for nuclear, oil and gas, mining industries, as well as special steel production and industrial services. OMZ Groups facilities are located in Russia and Czech Republic. The Group is controlled by Gazprombank.  

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