OMZ Special Steels produced punching blanks of the record size


OMZ Special Steels produced punching blanks of the record size

Experts of OMZ Special Steels, part of OMZ Group, mastered the technology of half-end’s stamping for large petrochemical vessels.

Successfully completed the manufacture of an experimental batch of blanks for the reactor R-201, which has been manufactured by Izhorskiye Zavody for Novokuybishevskiy refinery. Half-ends were manufactured on automated forging plant with 12,000 ton presses from the blanks of record size: size - 6980h3480 mm, width - 140 mm, while the radius of the object after the stamping was 2344 mm.

Stamping of the products with such size have not been produced by any enterprise in Russia, such blanks were purchased from foreign manufacturers.

The technological process was developed by the specialists of Izhorskiye Zavody on the basis of computer modeling calculations, all the stages of preparations were accompanied by the materials science of the Research Centre "TK" OMZ-Izhora”, basic research center of OMZ Group.

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