Hydrocracking reactors made by Izhorskiye Zavody successfully delivered in Tuapse


Hydrocracking reactors made by Izhorskiye Zavody successfully delivered in Tuapse

Three hydrocracking reactors made by Izhorskiye Zavody, part of OMZ Group, have been successfully delivered to the customer - Tuapse refinery (enters Rosneft).

Hydrocracking reactors for Tuapse refinery are unique high-tech products for deep oil refining and production of high quality Euro-5 fuels. Manufacturing of equipment under a contract signed in 2010, was successfully completed in the summer of this year. Weight of the two reactors is more than 600 tons each one and the third vessel made a record for overall weight and dimensions characteristics: its height - 40 meters, more than 5 m in diameter, weight is about 1,400 tons. These products are manufactured in the Russian Federation for the first time.

The equipment was shipped to the customer in the middle of August. Cargo followed by the Volga-Baltic Route to the Volga-Don Canal, through the Don to the Azov Sea, then through the Kerch Strait to the pier in Tuapse in the Black Sea. Shipment of the reactors for Tuapse refinery was a unique transport operation, as for the first time in history of Izhorskiye Zavody once were shipped just three large vessels, one of which has a unique weight and size.

Nowadays there are three reactors in production for Tuapse refinery on Izhorskiye Zavody with similar weight characteristics and dimensions, which will be shipped to the customer by the end of this year.

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