Placing in operation of Russian high capacity crude vacuum distillation unit ELOU-AVT-12 at Tuapse refinery

Placing in operation of Russian high capacity crude vacuum distillation unit ELOU-AVT-12 at Tuapse refinery

tuapse1.jpgOne of the most prominent events of 2013 in the history of development of Russian oil refining industry became start-up of Russia’s most powerful oil hydroskimming plant ӭҭ12 at Tuapse Refinery.

October 21, 2013, President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and NK-Rosneft President Igor Sechin participated in high-profile start-up ceremony.

Izhorskiye Zavody JSC are directly relevant to this event. In 2012 under the Contract concluded by Izhorskiye Zavody with RN-Tuapse Refinery LLC (incorporated in NK-Rosneft) in 2010, IZ manufactured and delivered six heavy weight vessels for advanced petroleum refining and generation of premium fuel of Euro-5 standard. Total weight of the equipment amounted to over 5 thousand tons and both vessels are unique in weight and dimensions: length is over 40 meters, diameter is more than 5 meters and weight is about 1400 tons. Such petrochemical reactors were manufactured in the Russian Federation for the first time. Vessels were manufactured in accordance with requirements of ASME Code and Russian normative documents for petrochemical equipment. The Licensor of the Project was Chevron Lummus Global (USA).

At the ceremony of start-up of ӭҭ12 plant Vladimir Putin mentioned in this context: “Rosneft makes one more rapid progress step to secure a footing in Russian and global market as one of the largest global oil companies. Today’s event is not ordinary. This points to the fact that Russian oil and gas complex builds up high-tech potential. Orders for our machine-builders are also of great importance. This points to the fact that oil and gas industry is an initiator and powerful stimulus, high-power engine of other branches of production”.

Rosneft President Igor Sechin emphasized that, preference was given, other conditions being equal, to products and equipment of Russian manufacturers and total share of Russian equipment suppliers amounted to more than 50% of orders.

Addressing at the ceremony of the solemn start-up of ӭҭ12 plant, Chairman of Board of Directors of OMZ JSC Vadim Makhov emphasized that Izhorskiye Zavody, incorporated in OMZ Group, supplied to Tuapse Refinery eight large spherical tanks and six petrochemical reactors of high-end Cr-Mo-V steel grade. “ Such high-tech equipment is unique and it was manufactured in Russia for the first time. We managed to do it, first of all, thanks to Rosneft that trusted us and gave an opportunity to build on the progress, having ordered with Izhorskiye Zavody six more petrochemical reactors for Samara Refinery Group of Rosneft”, pointed out Vadim Makhov.

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